Ergonomic Office Furniture and Arthritis

I recently found an article that discusses the links between ergonomic office furniture and arthritis.  While we’ve begun to become aware that ergonomic furniture is an important part of a healthy work environment, I had no idea of the effect it has on arthritis sufferers.  Apparently, arthritis sufferers experience a great deal of pain from manipulating their keyboard and mouse.  Additionally, they report that finding a comfortable position in their office chair is often nearly impossible.

This is yet another major reason why offices need to “go ergonomic.”  Ergonomic office chairs and keyboards will help arthritis sufferers by decreasing the amount of pain and frustration that they have to experience each and every day at work.  Often, the pain can be so severe for some arthritis sufferers that they must drastically cut back their hours or, in some cases, quit their job altogether.  

Today’s world of ergonomic office furniture provides a great deal of variety and choice.  For a healthy workplace, you owe it to your employees to go ergonomic.


Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic Office Furniture


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  1. We spend more than 40 hours at work; I think it is key that we have a comfortable working environment. Who says that we should forget about design and comfortable furniture just because we are at work. There is an outstanding company that designs beautiful ‘officescapes.’ I could have never chosen furniture and placed it in the way that they did; they made my office ‘work.’

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