Used Cubicles Have Benefits

Reorganizing your office takes not only time, but it also takes money.  While your budget should certainly account for new furniture items that will add comfort and style to the office, you might be surprised at the savings you can find in used products.  

Now, I’m not talking about abused and worn-out models of last year’s greatest product.  I’m talking about “gently used” items that are not only functional, but also meet your company’s needs.  One furniture system that you might find used is cubicles.  Often, companies switch from the office cubicle system to a more open floorplan when they remodel, so “gently used” can often look brand new if the cubicles have been well cared for.  And, if there are a few minor scrapes or scratches, you might consider giving your used cubicles a fresh look by using fabric to cover cubicle parts. 

Of course, there are also environmental benefits to this approach.  Reusing an office’s cubicles that are no longer needed means you’re saving them from the landfill, and you’re stopping the need for new cubes to be made.

If you’re in the market for new cubicles, I challenge you to consider the benefits of looking into used products.  After all, if you save some of the design budget on cubicles, you might just be able to afford those ergonomic office chairs your back has been calling for!

Give it some thought. 


Used Office Cubicles

Used Office Cubicles


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