Efficient lighting design for office cubicles

Does it feel a little dark in your office cubicle?  Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes for relief half way through each day?  If so, you’re not alone.  Poor lighting is a common factor in far too man office cubicles.

Cubicles are often positioned in the middle or in a corner of a large office space.  While this might work to concentrate all the cubicles in one area, it often leaves employees relying on overhead fluorescent lights to conduct work.  This is not only hard on the eyes, but it’s hard on the senses.  Natural light is a far better choice.

Try to position your cubicle system so that natural light is abundant.  It’s fine if employees utilize a desk or floor lamp, but you want to be certain that you aren’t positioning the cubicles in an office area that is dark and gloomy.  That positioning will do nothing for morale, which does nothing for productivity.  Come on.  Shed some light on the subject! 


Light Cubicles

Light Cubicles


Used Cubicles Have Benefits

Reorganizing your office takes not only time, but it also takes money.  While your budget should certainly account for new furniture items that will add comfort and style to the office, you might be surprised at the savings you can find in used products.  

Now, I’m not talking about abused and worn-out models of last year’s greatest product.  I’m talking about “gently used” items that are not only functional, but also meet your company’s needs.  One furniture system that you might find used is cubicles.  Often, companies switch from the office cubicle system to a more open floorplan when they remodel, so “gently used” can often look brand new if the cubicles have been well cared for.  And, if there are a few minor scrapes or scratches, you might consider giving your used cubicles a fresh look by using fabric to cover cubicle parts. 

Of course, there are also environmental benefits to this approach.  Reusing an office’s cubicles that are no longer needed means you’re saving them from the landfill, and you’re stopping the need for new cubes to be made.

If you’re in the market for new cubicles, I challenge you to consider the benefits of looking into used products.  After all, if you save some of the design budget on cubicles, you might just be able to afford those ergonomic office chairs your back has been calling for!

Give it some thought. 


Used Office Cubicles

Used Office Cubicles

Cubicles that Fit your Budget

Today’s cubicles have changed a great deal from the ones that filled the office that I first worked in.  They are often larger, sturdier, and just generally nicer.  Many have lots of options such as windows and even doors.

If your office is in the market for new cubicles, take a few considerations into account before going shopping.  First, think about size.  How much space do workers need to both be efficient and have their office furniture fit without overcrowding the office space?  Next, think about those options.  What should your cubicles be made of?  Should they have doors or windows? Finally, think about longevity.  Just how long do you want these cubicles to function in the office?  If your answer is indefinitely, you should likely look into some of the higher-end models that will stand up to a busy workplace through time.

By the way, check out the YouTube link below to see some really creative cubicle designs (and to add a little humor to your day)!


Office Cubicles Offer Variety

Office Cubicles Offer Variety

“My Cubicle”

This youtube video is a hilarious indication of how many office workers feel about their office cubicles.  They promote a boring work environment that offers little privacy and puts us too close to other employees that we would rather keep at a distance.

While I can’t give you any suggestions to keeping your co-workers at bay, I can certainly recommend that you think of your cubicle less as a box and more as an office.  The very first task in front of you is to convince your boss to get rid of the gray, carpet-like walls and replace them with modular walls that can be decorated with different fabrics or colors.  Once you’re able to get your style in your office, you’ll surely feel better about spending each workday in this space.

Cubicle life should not look like this!

Cubicle life should not look like this!

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