Getting your Reception Area Right

I have very vivid memories of the reception areas of both my childhood dentist’s and pediatrician’s office.  While the dental receptionist met my fearful gaze behind a glass window, the doctor’s office receptionist kept her area open, but I wouldn’t say it was necessarily more inviting.  Drab, dark, wood-designed walls engulfed the receptionist’s area and helped make an already unpleasant experience become even less inviting.

While a few decades have passed since the time I was visiting my childhood dentist and doctor, I’ve found that many medical office reception areas haven’t changed a bit.  In fact, I once scheduled a dental appointment at a new office and made it no farther than the front door.  When I peered in and saw the hard, dingy green reception chairs and the receptionist’s glass partition, I turned right around and consulted my insurance list for another dentist.  It wasn’t necessarily that the office looked unappealing (although that fact certainly played a role), but the office felt dirty.  And, I don’t want dirt around my mouth.

Reception offices matter.  They matter to patients and they certainly matter to the receptionist her or himself.  In fact, if a receptionist can’t feel comfortable at work, it’s not likely that he or she will be very productive, or very friendly.  Therefore, the reception desk is the first place to start in a reception area.  It should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically comfortable, and, of course, inviting.

Similarly, the reception area itself should be welcoming to patients.  Reception furniture, including the office reception chairs, should have a modern look that invites patients into the office and makes them feel comfortable.

Next time you have to head to the doctor or dentist, take a look around.  Notice the reception desk, the office reception chairs, and the general feel of the area.   Don’t you think it matters?

Reception Area

Reception Area


The Importance of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Computer chairs come in all shapes and sizes.  On any given day, you can likely pick up an inexpensive office chair at Office Depot for under $20.  However, if you’re like me, you already know that a $20 chair is not going to be friendly to your back.  Sure, frequent walks to the water cooler might give your back some much needed break time throughout the day, but you really deserve a better solution.

Office chairs that are height adjustable should be a must for every office. Even though I’ve never seen your office, I can guarantee that you and all of your co-workers aren’t the same height.  So, your computer chairs shouldn’t be either.  But, it’s not only key to have a height-adjustable chair; the important part is actually using the adjustable feature of the chair!

The ability to adjust your chair’s height is just one feature that’s possible in today’s wealth of ergonomic office chairs.  For example, ErgoGenesis features a BodyBilt High-Back chair that is ergonomically designed in ten different points.  I wonder how I can talk my boss into buying me this chair…

ErgoGENESIS BodyBilt Neckroll Chair

ErgoGENESIS BodyBilt Neckroll Chair

Interior Redesign a Must

I’ve had a lot of jobs.  I’ve worked in large corporate buildings where I was given my own office, and I’ve worked in small, family-owned offices that didn’t even have a budget to put a partition between me and my closest co-worker.  I’ve learned that, regardless of the size of the company, the overall look and feel of the interior office matters. 

Walking into an office is often a client’s first impression of the company itself.  And, it’s not only the client that matters.  The overall office interior has a major effect on employee performance, happiness, and safety.  As I work with many different clients, I hate the feeling of entering their office for the first time to see bored workers yawn their way through the day in a drab office setting. 

As employees, it’s important to think about how our workplace interior influences our performance and to share our interior ideas with our managers.  And, as managers, it’s time to consider a face lift.  Ask yourself: does your interior office give your employees and customers the right image of your business?

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design