Office Space Planning for a Finite World

An office only has so much space. So, what happens when the business begins to grow but doesn’t have the room or resources to expand? While you might think of a partition office as one that’s cramped or cluttered, I dare you to think again.

Check out the new contemporary designs that can turn the modular office into an efficient, yet stunning, workplace. Not only can growing offices continue to be productive, but they now can do it style. The best part about these modular walls is that they look permanent. So, while clients will think your office had an expensive makeover, you’ll have the assurance that your office design can easily change as it continues to grow.

Modular Walls

Modular Walls


Benefits of Refurbished Office Furniture

“Going green” shouldn’t just be a trend that companies are following in order to look good for clients.  Instead, each office should take a critical look at the impact that it’s making to our larger environment.  While implementing recycling programs is a great way to get the office moving in a greener direction, there are certainly many other avenues to explore to reduce an office’s carbon footprint.

What about refurbished office furniture?  That’s right; not only can offices save money by reusing old furniture rather than buying new, but they can also give their office desks, chairs, and other pieces of furniture a new and classic look.  Call it “retro,” “postmodern,” or “hip” if you’d like.  Whatever way you look at it, I call it redesigning a smart office.

So, before throwing out that old office furniture when the day comes to remodel the office, think about reusing the old to create something new.

Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished Office Furniture

The Office Decor Dilemma

It seems that there’s some controversy regarding office decor.  Apparently, some offices don’t like to give their employees much freedom when it comes to decorating their own office. 

In some ways, this might make sense.  After all, we’ve all passed the eye-sore office that is filled with stuffed animals, fake flowers, and gaudy posters on the wall.  But what about the opposite?  Offices that hold a strict policy against decorating at all seem to miss the mark as well.  Bland white walls and no decorating accessories translate to one common feeling: boredom.

How does your workplace handle office decor?  And, most importantly, what works when it comes to office decorating?

Drab Office

Drab Office

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