Office Design Must Embrace Change

We hear a lot about change these days.  And I think that’s a good thing.  However, whenever I get into a contractual agreement with anyone, I often feel as if change is never part of the process.  Am I alone?

When it comes to office design, change is inevitable.  Not only will our minds change, but so will our needs.  I recently heard an account of an office manager who changed her mind about the office chairs she had chosen for her board room.  Rather than choosing one model, a newer one entered the market that were more appropriate for her decor.  Guess what?  Her design team said it was too late.  Even though they had not placed the order for her chairs just yet, they informed her that her contract required that she stick with her original chairs.  How frustrating!

My advice to you is to talk about these scenarios early with your office designer.  If they can’t make room for change, maybe you would be better off not making room for them in the first place.


Interior Design Knows Change

Interior Design Knows Change


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