Custom office furniture lets you work smarter

When choosing office furniture, functionality is a key ingredient to a successful product.  That’s why your purchases should reflect custom office furniture that works for you, not against you.  As you set out to order new furniture, meet with your interior designer to discuss more functional options.  All too often we work around our existing furniture, meaning we work from wherever our desk is situated, regardless if that location works well for us or not.  

A professional designer is guaranteed to be up-to-date on all of the newest furniture designs.  So, this means that you can describe your work needs to your designer, and he or she can offer furniture ideas that will compliment your work lifestyle and the space you have available.  Designers can help you identify the appropriate size of your new furniture and will take factors such as storage issues into consideration.

Remember, the key is to work smarter, not harder.  With custom office furniture that adjusts to your work life, you’re guaranteed to compete for that “smartest guy in the room” award.


Custom Office Furniture

Custom Office Furniture


Is the Roll Top Desk Coming Back?

I can’t say that I’ve walked into too many offices that still sport the antique look of the roll top desk.  While this style may have been popular decades ago, today’s businesses seem to concentrate more on sleek and sophisticated.  In other words, there’s something about the roll top desk that doesn’t exactly fit in the description of contemporary office furniture.

However, it seems that the roll top desk may be making a comeback.  Some offices have found that this style of desk helps keep clutter to a minimum.  And, with our wired workplace, the roll top desk gives workers the ability to keep wires behind the scenes when not in use.  Additionally, roll top desks can fit in to just about any room in the office.  By simply rolling down the top of the desk, the piece of furniture becomes a part of the tasteful decor rather than an open display of clutter.

What do you think?  Are roll top desks on the verge of a major comeback, or should we keep them in the office graveyard?  


Contemporary Roll Top Desk

Contemporary Roll Top Desk

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