Efficient lighting design for office cubicles

Does it feel a little dark in your office cubicle?  Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes for relief half way through each day?  If so, you’re not alone.  Poor lighting is a common factor in far too man office cubicles.

Cubicles are often positioned in the middle or in a corner of a large office space.  While this might work to concentrate all the cubicles in one area, it often leaves employees relying on overhead fluorescent lights to conduct work.  This is not only hard on the eyes, but it’s hard on the senses.  Natural light is a far better choice.

Try to position your cubicle system so that natural light is abundant.  It’s fine if employees utilize a desk or floor lamp, but you want to be certain that you aren’t positioning the cubicles in an office area that is dark and gloomy.  That positioning will do nothing for morale, which does nothing for productivity.  Come on.  Shed some light on the subject! 


Light Cubicles

Light Cubicles


Office Space Planning for a Consistent Look

Updating your office requires more than a trip to the local office decorating and supply store.  Simply adding a few new features here and there might help your pocketbook, but it does little for the overall office decor that you’re attempting to improve.  

If your office is in need of a redesign, start by conducting some constructive office space planning that will make the job worth it.  First think about those things that absolutely must be changed, whether it be furniture or decorations.  Next, plan for the integration of your new items.  Then, take a step back.  Will those existing items that don’t need to be changed still function effectively with your new items?  Will they blend together for an overall appealing look, or will your office end up looking like a poorly matched collage with little consistency?

In other words, don’t skimp by completing half of the job.  Make sure that your office look is consistent throughout.  So, if you’ve updated your carpet in the reception area, make sure your paint color, accessories, and wall art match.  Or, if you’ve upgraded to a large oak office desk, be sure that your guest and office chairs match the new piece.

After all, the only design flaw worse than an outdated office is a mismatched office.  Plan your office space wisely for a beautiful design and a functional layout!


Office Space that Flows

Office Space that Flows

Small Office Design Challenges

All too often, the big guys tend to think that the little guys have it so much easier in today’s business world. A small office has less staff and general “stuff” to deal with, right? Well…maybe. But, when it comes to office design, I’d argue that the small guys have a tough job ahead of them. They have to fit office supplies, furniture, and design elements into relatively small spaces. And, as more stuff is collected, the small office can quickly begin to feel like an overstuffed box. And so the challenge begins.

While I’ve often held myself to rules such as getting rid of one old thing each time I get something new, I quickly learned that strict rules can’t apply to office design. We need what we need in order to function. However, we can certainly make some improvements that will keep our design in tip-top shape.

My first suggestion is to find furniture that doubles as storage space. Desks work best when they include shelves or other features that also store papers and materials (this also helps keep the clutter to a minimum). Additionally, file cabinets are key, but only if they are used effectively. Rather than lining office walls with rows of filing cabinets, invest in those that reach the ceiling. Even if you have to use a step ladder to reach a file, you’ll feel better than you would if those filing cabinets began closing in on you.

So, little guys…use your space effectively and efficiently, and you’ll soon show those big guys who’s boss.


Get creative with small office design

Get creative with small office design

Stand Apart from the Next Office Space

There are certainly many benefits offered to shared office space.  Buildings that house several different offices attract more client and visitor traffic and often offer additional services that stand-alone buildings cannot.  However, when it comes to designing an office that is housed in a building with several other businesses, the key is to stand apart with contemporary office design.  This will help each office differentiate itself and make more of a lasting impact on clients.

Think about it: if you walk into an office building, chance are you aren’t going to be very impressed with a potential business partner that has the exact same office motif as the office next door.  However, with this knowledge, you can make sure that your clients will be impressed by an office design that is both contemporary and unique.  

Make it your office’s goal to stand out from the rest with an impacting statement that shows it is unique!


Contemporary Office Design

Contemporary Office Design

Designing Office Space Efficiently

Spring’s introduction has inspired a renewed energy in my life–both professionally and personally. As I have been spending several of the last few evenings getting things ready in the garden, I have been pondering a major question: why do we let the seasons reflect their energy into our daily actions? All winter, I’ve holed up in my office, working through stacks of paper. However, once the warmer weather has arrived and the flowers have begun to bloom, I’ve immediately felt the need to get rid of all the clutter! Shouldn’t this be a philosophy that is part of my work life every day, all year long?

I hope you’ll join with me in making an effort to cutting the clutter of our lives year-round, not just during spring cleaning time. The best way I know to do this is to take a critical look at designing office space. Ask yourself if your desk is in the right spot. Make sure you have room to move around your office. Do you have a workstation that can serve as a blank canvas rather than a cluttered mess? Is there life in your office (think family photos, favorite art pieces, or live plants)? Do you have a set day that’s reserved for weekly (or even bi-weekly) spring cleaning all year long?

Critically assess your office space and vow to make a few changes that will start this season but last all year long!


Of course, Bill Gates has an organized office

Of course, Bill Gates has an organized office

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