Ergonomic Office Chairs are Integral Office Design

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear about office design is “what is ergonomics?”  Sure, it’s a new concept, but it’s also one that should become common in each office.  This is because ergonomics isn’t just a way to design office furniture and equipment so that workers can work more comfortably and efficiently.  Instead, ergonomic office furniture is a way of designing the actual job to meet the demands of its workers.  In short, ergonomics is a way of designing office equipment so that it is comfortable, user friendly, and supportive to each employee.

The most frequently used piece of office furniture is the office chair, so let’s start our discussion by revising the look, feel, and function of our offices by using ergonomic office chairs.  By choosing office chairs that are supportive to each and every employee’s different body shape, an office is guaranteed to create a more productive work environment.

When shopping for your new ergonomic office chairs, ensure that the chairs are adjustable to support each employee’s back, neck, shoulders, and arms.


Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs


Office Furniture Shows New Life

It’s hard to keep furniture clean, especially if your office sees a lot of traffic and wear and tear.    If this sounds familiar, I encourage you to try Crypton fabric for your office upholstery.  You might decide to refurbish old pieces with Crypton fabric, or buy new office furniture that’s made of Crypton.

This fabric doesn’t have the unattractive look of vinyl, but it performs like it.  Dirt and stains are easy to clean, and wear and tear mean nothing to this fabric.  Go ahead–let your clients’ kids jump on the fabric.  Better yet, eat your lunch in this chair without worrying about spills.  Using Crypton fabric for your new or refurbished office furniture makes a lot of sense!


Crypton Fabric

Crypton Fabric

The Freedom Chair: A Name that Doesn’t Lie

Okay, so I am obsessed with office chairs.  Fine.  I’ll admit it.  But, it’s all for good reason.  I spend the bulk of my day staring at the computer screen and typing away at my keyboard, and I’ve learned that a good office chair makes all the difference.  Big deal, right?  We all know this.

Well, the big deal is that I’ve found THE office chair.  It’s called the Freedom Chair from Humanscale and it’s name certainly doesn’t lie.  This ergonomic desk chair actually fits to your body, moving with you as you transfer from back to forth positions.  And, my favorite feature is the adjustable arm rests that easily move in for keyboarding support, and then moves back out when you need the extra space for movement.

I’ve always wondered why so many office chairs had a tendency to make adjustment a hard process.  With the Freedom Chair, adjustment isn’t just easy, it’s natural.  And, that’s the way a chair should be–free and easy!

The Freedom Office Chair

The Freedom Office Chair

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