Design Tips for the Office Lunchroom

I’ve quickly learned that there are so many benefits to staying in the office for lunch.  The most obvious reason that I choose this route is to save money.  Even spending $5 a day on lunch can add up quickly.  The second reason I like to stay in is for the health benefits.  Grabbing lunch on the go almost never seems to include too many healthy options.  


The problem with staying in the office for lunch, however, is that our lunch break never seems to be very exciting.  We often need a simple change of scenery to really make our break worth it.  However, I found several design tips for implementing a more modern decor into the office lunchroom.  By customizing tables with patterns that brighten up the lunchroom area and by covering chairs with Crypton fabric, a drab lunchroom can suddenly have new life.  And, if your employees are anything like me, it’s exactly that new life that can carry them through the afternoon portion of the workday!


Lunchroom Table and Chairs

Lunchroom Table and Chairs


Decorating Ideas Call for Consistency

One of the key ingredients in any decorating plan is consistency.  Remember, your office has an image to project with its interior design, and you want this image to be clear.  An office that blends traditional design with contemporary decor, for example, often fails to send a much needed message to clients that it stands for a specific goal.

Check out the decorating ideas that SPACE Inc. transformed into reality for a Michigan-based minor league baseball stadium.  From the executive offices to waiting rooms and patio seating areas, SPACE was able to seamlessly integrate a classic concept throughout different parts of the stadium.  The results are top notch.

Ballpark Interior Design

Ballpark Interior Design

Decorating Walls to Give your Office Style

Our offices say a lot about us, or at least they should. Adding a little of our own personality to our workspaces should not only be acceptable, it should be encouraged.

Decorating walls is one of the easiest ways I know to add your own personal touch to your office while giving yourself the inspiration you need to make it through each work week.

Again, I like to take office interior design ideas from my experience as a renter because the two seem to share  some common features.  While most of us aren’t renting our workspace, we’re occupying the space in much the same way as a renter.  We often don’t have the authority to make permanent changes; however, we spend enough time in these spaces to warrant a few personal touches.

Here are a few not-so-permanent ideas for decorating walls at the office:

  • Hang mirrors to give the illusion of more space.  If your office is smaller than you’d like, try a mirror on for size.
  • Cover bare walls with tapestries or tasteful fabric as an inexpensive way to freshen up the office.
  • Choose wisely when hanging pictures or art work.  Never tack things to the wall, and always consider the appropriateness and style of the pieces you choose to display.
Decorating Office Walls

Decorating Office Walls

Calling in Decorating Help

Obviously, a well-designed office is important for a number of reasons.  Aesthetically, both employees and clients will feel more secure about working with a company that looks good.  And, when an office commits an effort to decorating, productivity increases as well.  Employees not only work better because they feel a sense of pride, but also because effective design includes organization…and we all know that organization is the key to our workplace success.

One thing I’ve learned over the years, however, is to know when to call in the experts.  There’s only so much we can do alone before we have to face the fact that we’ll need decorating help!

I’m naturally a do-it-myselfer, but I’m also mature enough to admit that I can’t figure it all out alone.  There’s a reason that I’m not an interior designer, and, even though I love learning new design tips and coming up with my own decorating ideas, I’ve found that it’s naturally the best idea to consult a company that specializes in office interior design.  One company I’ve found to be completely professional and credible is a Michigan-based firm called SPACE, Inc.  They have a great blog that shares all sorts of wonderful design tips and is certainly worth your time.



Cutting the Office Clutter

I used to  start almost every week with piles of papers stacked all over my desk.  There was the week’s “to-do” pile, then there was last week’s “to-do” pile, and then, somewhere, there was last month’s “to-do” pile.  When I saw all those unattended to-do piles, guess what?  I got so worried about not getting things done that I would tell myself I didn’t have the time to organize my piles.  Instead, I made myself get right to work (which usually also meant that I immediately started creating new piles!).

I’m sure you know where this is going–my desk space would turn out to be a disorganized mess, which meant I was not as productive or efficient as I knew I could be.  I found some help, however.  By rethinking my office space and getting creative with decorating, I’ve been able to get myself organized.

My office is pretty small, so I had to come up with a way of decorating small spaces that keeps me organized while giving my office a new flare.  First, I found some contemporary bamboo mail holders that let me organize my bills, letters, and all other forms of correspondence.  Then, I found file organizers that matched my office decor.  I was startled at the fact that once I started finding accessories that got me excited, I wanted to use them.  And, use them I did.  I’m now a proud organizer with a clear workspace that makes me more efficient and much happier!

Organized Office

Organized Office

The Office Decor Dilemma

It seems that there’s some controversy regarding office decor.  Apparently, some offices don’t like to give their employees much freedom when it comes to decorating their own office. 

In some ways, this might make sense.  After all, we’ve all passed the eye-sore office that is filled with stuffed animals, fake flowers, and gaudy posters on the wall.  But what about the opposite?  Offices that hold a strict policy against decorating at all seem to miss the mark as well.  Bland white walls and no decorating accessories translate to one common feeling: boredom.

How does your workplace handle office decor?  And, most importantly, what works when it comes to office decorating?

Drab Office

Drab Office

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