Contemporary Office Design for Contemporary Business

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a picky shopper when it comes to giving a business my repeat service.  That’s why I found myself at yet another new salon yesterday for a haircut.  The stylist I visited previously did a great job, but there was something about the salon that turned me off.  It could have been the flowery wallpaper that looked like it had been hanging since the 80s, or it could have been the photos of the women with big bushy hairstyles that were also severely outdated.  

My point is not to share all the negatives of my past salon visit, but to prove that contemporary office design matters, especially for contemporary businesses.  Even if you provide a great service, your office decor makes a huge impression on the people who walk through your doors.  Many of these people are like me…they want to give you their business, but it has to feel right for them.

This is exactly why the salon I visited yesterday will get my business again.  Not only did the stylist give me a fantastic haircut, but I felt good being there.  First, the salon promoted efficient lighting design by maximizing its premier downtown location.  One entire corner of the building (two connecting walls) boasted huge glass windows so that clients can see to the life outside…and potential clients can see in.  Additionally, rather than decorating with drab wallpaper, this salon was painted a deep, natural green that complimented its philosophy of natural skin and hair products.  Several interior design ideas were strategically placed throughout the space, including modern art and sculptures (not old, outdated model photos) and contemporary furniture.  

What else did I notice?  The light, bamboo-colored and natural wood floors that brought a light and open feeling to the salon.  Additionally, large, living plants sat in the corners next to comfy couches that served as the reception area.

So, while your product and service might be top notch…remember that your office design might just be the one thing that brings the sale home.


Contemporary Office Design

Contemporary Office Design


Green Interior Office Design is Easier than you Think

If you think that transforming your office into an environmentally-friendly workspace will take too much time and effort, think again.  Today’s world of interior office design isn’t just focusing on the drive to “go green” just to fit in with the latest tends.  Instead, office design takes a green approach to improve our quality of life at work.  No, this isn’t some fluffy rhetoric designed to support my campaign to save the world.  This is a concept that works.  When we feel better about our work space, we are not only happier at work, but we also are more efficient at work.  And, we take pride in our work, something that is integral to a successful company culture.

In fact, today’s youngest employees view working in a green workplace as a top priority in their job search.  And for good reason.  These youngsters want to be happy at work, and they want to represent a company that fills them with pride.  And, for the company, this is a win-win situation.  When employees are happy and proud, there’s less chance of turnover and more chance of quality work being produced.

See, I told you it wasn’t that hard.


Sustainable Office Design

Sustainable Office Design

Stand Apart from the Next Office Space

There are certainly many benefits offered to shared office space.  Buildings that house several different offices attract more client and visitor traffic and often offer additional services that stand-alone buildings cannot.  However, when it comes to designing an office that is housed in a building with several other businesses, the key is to stand apart with contemporary office design.  This will help each office differentiate itself and make more of a lasting impact on clients.

Think about it: if you walk into an office building, chance are you aren’t going to be very impressed with a potential business partner that has the exact same office motif as the office next door.  However, with this knowledge, you can make sure that your clients will be impressed by an office design that is both contemporary and unique.  

Make it your office’s goal to stand out from the rest with an impacting statement that shows it is unique!


Contemporary Office Design

Contemporary Office Design

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