Small Office Design Challenges

All too often, the big guys tend to think that the little guys have it so much easier in today’s business world. A small office has less staff and general “stuff” to deal with, right? Well…maybe. But, when it comes to office design, I’d argue that the small guys have a tough job ahead of them. They have to fit office supplies, furniture, and design elements into relatively small spaces. And, as more stuff is collected, the small office can quickly begin to feel like an overstuffed box. And so the challenge begins.

While I’ve often held myself to rules such as getting rid of one old thing each time I get something new, I quickly learned that strict rules can’t apply to office design. We need what we need in order to function. However, we can certainly make some improvements that will keep our design in tip-top shape.

My first suggestion is to find furniture that doubles as storage space. Desks work best when they include shelves or other features that also store papers and materials (this also helps keep the clutter to a minimum). Additionally, file cabinets are key, but only if they are used effectively. Rather than lining office walls with rows of filing cabinets, invest in those that reach the ceiling. Even if you have to use a step ladder to reach a file, you’ll feel better than you would if those filing cabinets began closing in on you.

So, little guys…use your space effectively and efficiently, and you’ll soon show those big guys who’s boss.


Get creative with small office design

Get creative with small office design


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