Interior Redesign Budgets Stir Controversy

You’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding John Thain’s $1 million office redesign for his Merrill Lynch office.  While all of the media attention is likely no laughing matter for Thain and the crew at Merrill Lynch, I’ve come across a few satirical pieces that poke fun at the notion of blowing the budget on office redesign.

Once I was able to control my own laughter, I started to think about how much the concept of the interior decoration budget does matter to clients and co-workers.  Is there something wrong with taking company profits and spending them on new office furniture and decorations?

I don’t think we can answer this question with a simple “yes” or “no.”  Office redesign is a must, but it has to fit the purpose of the individual office.  You surely don’t want to tell clients that you’re raising rates once again while showing off your brand new imported designer rug at the same time.  Again, this is where a professional design team can step in and give you advice on just what kind of budget is right for your office and your purpose.

Office Redesign Doesn't Have to Break the Budget

Office Redesign Doesn't Have to Break the Budget


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