Filing Cabinet Organization for a Healthy Office

It might seem strange to think that an office’s health depends on a clean filing cabinet, but think about it.  A filing cabinet is full of important, confidential documents.  When you neglect to sift through them, you end up with an unhealthy mess.  And, this means that the one important document that you’ll need to find one day will be lost in the shuffle.  Or worse, it will wind up lost or misplaced.  All this leads to unnecessary chaos and trauma in the workplace.

The key to a healthy business is organization, so keep your file cabinet safe and happy by following a few key tips.  First, set aside a specific time each quarter to clean and reorganize your files.  This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed when you finally sit down to do a little spring cleaning.  Next, be sure to invest in a quality paper shredder so that the documents that are ready to be recycled will leave no confidential information behind.  The days of simply tearing a document in half are long gone!  Finally, back up all of the documents that are housed in your filing cabinets electronically.  Who knows…soon enough, you may be able to move all your documents online and leave the filing cabinet in the storage room.

Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets


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