Shared Office Space without the Noise

Today’s business world is filled with energy.  While you’re at work, chances are that a lot is going on around you.  From telephones ringing to printers copying documents, offices are busy places and sound can often become an issue. 

If your company is designed with cubicles, office partitions, or even lots of open shared office space, sound masking (similar to white noise) is something you’ll want to check out.  This technology adds background noise that’s similar to the sound of an air conditioner.  The noise isn’t overwhelming, but it’s enough to keep employee conversations at bay.

A quiet office is not the only reason that shared office space can benefit from the technology of sound masking.  Any time employees are interacting with clients, confidential information is likely to be exchanged.  Respecting client privacy isn’t just an act to strive toward, it’s a mandatory part of the business world, and one that sound masking can help achieve.

Sound Masking

Sound Masking


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