Interior Design Firms Must Put Clients First

The process of choosing a certified interior decorator can feel consuming.  However, there are a few key factors that should shape your decision and help you determine just exactly “who’s who” in the business.

First, you want to choose an interior design firm that puts clients first.  And, this is easier to gauge than you think.  When meeting with potential interior decorators, observe the level of interest they have in your office.  Do they ask specific questions that really get to the heart of your office interior design goals?  Do they ask for feedback along the way?  Do they offer multiple suggestions so that you can pick from several ideas rather than just one or two?

Next, ask your potential interior decorator about past clients.  Ask them about specific projects and how they were executed.  Ask them what value they place on customer service and how they ensure the customer is happy.  Finally, ask about the follow-through, and determine just how the firm will ensure that the end product is one you’re happy with.

Hiring a certified interior decorator is a must.  But, don’t jump the gun.  Do your research and treat the selection process as you would a formal interivew.  Believe me, those interior design firms that put clients first will make all the difference in not only your business relationship, but in your ultimate goals for effective office design.

Certified Interior Decorator

Certified Interior Decorator


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