Interior Design Sees Growth in Field

All this talk about interior design isn’t just flash-in-the-pan news.  As an industry, interior design is finding more of a need in today’s business world than ever before.  In fact, from schools to prisons, many buildings that were formally given little design focus are finding design professionals walking through their doors.

And this is what’s important–that you are actually calling in the professionals.  I see too many businesses work with so-called designers that have no formal training.  I’m sure you can guess the outcome.  Let’s just say that mismatched furniture and florescent lighting is just the start.

Not only should you find designers that have accomplished backgrounds in interior design, but you should also look for desingers that hold certifications in the field, in addition to those who are continuously working on professional development.  While interior design might not be rocket science, it certainly is a science.  Thankfully, there are professionals who make the science look easy.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers


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