What do Interior Colors Say About Your Office?

I once heard that fast-food restaurants choose the bold color schemes of  reds and yellows because these colors demand attention.  I don’t know about you, but I try to steer clear from the loud McDonald’s sign that stares me in the face every few miles on a highway drive.  But, I’m likely not McDonald’s target customer either.

Still, the power that fast-food restaurants find in color schemes might be something we should pick up on when planning our own office’s interior colors.  If McDonald’s can communicate a feeling through its reds and yellows, certainly we can communicate a feeling of success and pride in our own office color pattern.

The natural question that follows then is this: “What color suits the image we want our office to portray?”  Many companies choose colors that not only exude a strong image, but that help maintain the right feeling.  For example, soft grays might be appropriate for an office that wants to boast a calm, soothing image, while muted greens would better serve those offices that want to exude a sense of efficiency.  What color is your office?  And, how does it work to create the image you want to portray?

Interior Colors

Interior Colors


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  1. Colors for offices have always been referred to as boring. But the contemporary/modern designers use all different bright shocking multi colors for designing interiors these days. So I think times have changed and people now want to give impression in anyway they can. A good example of funky contemporary office decor is the office of Google.

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