Cutting the Office Clutter

I used to  start almost every week with piles of papers stacked all over my desk.  There was the week’s “to-do” pile, then there was last week’s “to-do” pile, and then, somewhere, there was last month’s “to-do” pile.  When I saw all those unattended to-do piles, guess what?  I got so worried about not getting things done that I would tell myself I didn’t have the time to organize my piles.  Instead, I made myself get right to work (which usually also meant that I immediately started creating new piles!).

I’m sure you know where this is going–my desk space would turn out to be a disorganized mess, which meant I was not as productive or efficient as I knew I could be.  I found some help, however.  By rethinking my office space and getting creative with decorating, I’ve been able to get myself organized.

My office is pretty small, so I had to come up with a way of decorating small spaces that keeps me organized while giving my office a new flare.  First, I found some contemporary bamboo mail holders that let me organize my bills, letters, and all other forms of correspondence.  Then, I found file organizers that matched my office decor.  I was startled at the fact that once I started finding accessories that got me excited, I wanted to use them.  And, use them I did.  I’m now a proud organizer with a clear workspace that makes me more efficient and much happier!

Organized Office

Organized Office


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