A New Mesh Chair: A Seat in the Right Direction

Office managers are finally figuring out the importance of a comfortable work space.  In fact, ergonomic office furniture is no longer just a trend for many offices, but it’s a necessity for those who know that employee productivity begins with comfort.  We all know that we’re a society that is overworked.  We check our email from our home first thing in the morning, head out for a full day at the office, and then come home only to fire up our laptops and tidy up unfinished business.  What’s worse is that we often eat our lunch at our desk in front of the computer.

Well, we certainly can’t all quit our jobs, and, sadly, it’s unlikely that our bosses will ease up on our workload.  More likely, we’ll only take on more in the coming years.  So, if you are constantly feeling the pressure through back and neck pain, it’s time to take a critical look at your office chair.  An ergonomic mesh chair could be your answer.

Why a mesh chair?  The air flow between you and the chair will regulate to your body temperature.  Additionally, the mesh chair will mold to the contours of your body.  Plus, mesh chairs are comfortable and supportive of your neck, back, and legs.  I added my new mesh chair to my office furniture set last year and I’ve been thankful ever since (although I’m still trying to find a way to get my boss to give me a break on my workload).

Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Mesh Chair


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