Reducing Noise = Increasing Productivity

I’m all for creating a more productive work space.  However, many offices aren’t set up so that each employee has his or her own office to shelter the sounds of computer clicking, telephone noise, and meeting chatter.  Nor should they.  Often, an open office is one that is bustling with excitement.  Picture an editorial room at a busy newspaper.  Reporters and editors virtually have to scream over one another to be heard.  Sometimes that open environment fosters creativity, collaboration, and an environment that is more welcoming and inclusive to all employees.

Still, many offices need to adopt some creative strategies in reducing noise for those employees who can’t work among chaos.  The best of us need peace and quiet from time to time, even if we’re the loudest of the group.  Spectacular features like acoustic wall panels are a handy way to keep noise isolated in specific rooms by covering panels with fabric.  These acoustic panels are also a great option for offices that use cubicles as a way to fit a lot of workers in one area.

Additionally, take a critical look at your office’s floor and ceiling.  Remember, hard surfaces let noise literally bounce off of them.  By installing ceiling tile and carpet, your office will become a whole lot quieter while it simultaneously keeps its open and vibrant feel.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels


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  1. Also, check out information Armstrong Ceilings and Walls have on acoustics. There are a lot of good information on their site:

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