Interior Redesign a Must

I’ve had a lot of jobs.  I’ve worked in large corporate buildings where I was given my own office, and I’ve worked in small, family-owned offices that didn’t even have a budget to put a partition between me and my closest co-worker.  I’ve learned that, regardless of the size of the company, the overall look and feel of the interior office matters. 

Walking into an office is often a client’s first impression of the company itself.  And, it’s not only the client that matters.  The overall office interior has a major effect on employee performance, happiness, and safety.  As I work with many different clients, I hate the feeling of entering their office for the first time to see bored workers yawn their way through the day in a drab office setting. 

As employees, it’s important to think about how our workplace interior influences our performance and to share our interior ideas with our managers.  And, as managers, it’s time to consider a face lift.  Ask yourself: does your interior office give your employees and customers the right image of your business?

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design


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  1. I agree with you – I’ve worked in a lot of different offices, too, and it’s sooo important to pay attention to the interior! I remember the initial interview at my last job, and thinking about how sad and drab the walls looked. But of course after working there for a few years, I got used to it, which can be dangerous, because I’m sure a lot of customers had the same first impression!

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